Mistakes when using perfumes

Mistakes when using perfumes


Mistakes when using perfumes

10 Eylül 2020 , Perşembe


Using perfumes and deodorants has become a part of our daily life. Most of us do not forget to use perfume just as we do not forget to comb our hair. This is a good improvement. As we always write, you must use deodorant after a bath. Because after a while, your sweat glands in the bathroom start to emit bad odors with the effect of heat and bacteries. In fact, your odorless sweat smells bad with the work of bacteries. This is a situation that bothers other people, especially in public places, such as buses, subways, workplaces… We should not forget to use a deodorant compatible with our skin.



Let's use our perfume of course, but it is generally avoided to make the following mistakes, to increase the pleasure you get from the perfume when using it.


We seem to hear that you say what mistakes can be made when using perfume. So you won't be able to make two sprays ? Of course you can do, but if you pay attention to few points, the efficiency will increase when you get from your perfume. Many of our customers are not only talking about our brand, but generally speaking that their expectations about perfumes are not met. Avoid making these 10 mistakes to get a perfect perfume experience.



1. Using a perfume that does not suit you

2. Using perfume without using deodorant

3. Spraying the perfume in the wrong places!

4. Using perfume without moisturizing the skin!

5. The dose of the perfume!

6. Always using the same perfume!

7. Buy perfumes in small bottles.

8. Keeping perfumes in the bathroom

9. Using the scent that someone else likes

10. Using the wrong kind of perfume